Pokémon [gens 1-8] Data Pack

The definitive Pokémon pack!
DownloadPokémon [gens 1-8] Data Pack v2.2 (12MB) (by Sam_Oak)

Compatible with app version 0.25+, update the app if needed.

Now updated with new monsters and items from Legends Arceus!
Includes different Dex entries for form variants, and for an initial batch of the rest of the monsters.
You can choose the generations you play with.
You can choose between battle sprites and box sprites.
A separate pack with monster cries is available here, you can set it up to hear them during battle and while exploring.
A separate pack with route music is available here, you can set it up to hear music while exploring.

Suggested Cries packet [Updated May 2021] (70MB) (by RxSunset&PouP)
Instructions: the zip contains a folder named ‘poke8_data’.
Copy and paste this folder inside the ‘GPS Monster Scouter/sounds’ folder on your device.

Suggested Route Music packet [route musics from gens 1-6] (130MB) (by Sam_Oak)

Most images come from PokéSprite project and Smogon Sprite projects.
PLA sprites from KingOfThe-X-Roads and PKHeX.

Updates from 0.24 to 0.24.8

– Board boxes management (0.24) –

In the Preferences you can find a new option: Other -> Boxes management
Switch it from Classic to Board, and the ui for managing team and boxes will then change.

Tip for not-so-obvious function: in the new board ui, long-press the name of a column to drag it around and change the order – Team and Reserves can’t be moved.

– Evolution tooltip (0.24.5) –

You can get some tooltip info on possible evolutions inside the Status screen of a monster, for example if it needs an item or a tm to evolve, if you have them in your bag or not, or if it can still be evolved some other way or not.

– Mission system rebalanced, etc. (0.24.6) –

Mission speed calculation revised, 15 minutes rest after a mission, chance to get multiple catch items if you collect them personally instead of using missions
Mission speed visible in status screen
Order monsters in box by satisfaction
NPC Trainers info now includes a training progress bar, to show how much you helped that trainer get stronger

– Temporary changes due to pandemic (0.24.8) –

As you know, although it is the core of the game, unfortunately this is not really the best time to go outside and explore your surroundings due to health concerns in many parts of the world.
I wish the best to you and your families, so I’m introducing some temporary changes that should give you more to do without moving too much.
You will receive some baits for free, and their price in the shop will be greatly reduced. See the bait section in the guide for how to use them if you’re not familiar with them. Their usage time limits will also be greatly reduced.
Mission speed minimum limit will be boosted so that all monsters will be able to go on a mission.


Hope you enjoy!

Update 0.23.2 – Visible monsters on the field

Here’s what’s new in this version:

– Visible monsters on the field –

You can see some actual monsters wandering on the field. Start a wild battle when near them, and you’ll meet them in battle, among other wild mons. They’re not really different from the others you can normally find, but in case you spot something interesting or rare, you can just go there to get/fight it. Plus, adds to the atmosphere.

– You can now sell multiple items in the shop –

Well, finally.

– Some additional options for visible monsters –

Enabled, disabled, or… non-desirable only, meaning that legendaries and shinies will not appear in case this feature doesn’t suit your play style. If perhaps you find yourself near a monster while you’re on “non-desirable”, you can still momentarily change to “enabled” to check if it turns into something rarer or not.

– Some new features available for pack creators –


Hope you enjoy!

Update 0.22.3 – Various little improvements and adjustments

Here’s what’s new in this version:

> More indicators when evolving
> Power levels accompanied by icons
> New option to keep the screen on while playing
> SD card now reachable in the music folder selection (press back button to go up until you see it, not the prettiest way for end users, will try to adjust it at a later date)
Note: the name of the SD card folder could be a bunch of letters and numbers depending on your phone
> Fix for oreo notification
> Missions can’t be started with slow monsters anymore
> Missions won’t last more than one week anymore
> Fixed a bug that didn’t display egg hatching progresses in box buttons

Hope you enjoy!

Update 0.22 – Support for multi-gen and multi-style packs, Support for cries and sound effects, Box photos

Here’s what’s new in the most recent 0.22.0.X version:

– Support for Multi-gen packs –
When you start a new adventure with a multi-gen pack, you are now asked which gens you want to play with.
This will allow the use of one single pack for every case, and also any possible combination: not just one of them or all, but also 1-2-3, 5-6, 2-4-6, 1-7, whatever you like. Each combination obviously causes a different distribution of families.

Choose well, because you can’t change the chosen gens afterwards, or in a already started save data.
…Unless, you get the ‘Gen Selector’ key item!
It’s a very powerful item, so I decided to set a pretty higher donation amount for it (of course donations also support my continuous work, it’s not just about purchasing an item). Check the donation thread on reddit to find info on it.

– Support for Multi-style packs –
If a pack supports multiple styles, you can select your preferred one from the Preferences.
(You may probably want to adjust ‘image filters’ too accordingly.)
Again, this allows the use of one single pack for any use case, without the need to have a different version for each type of player.

– Support for cries and sound effects –
Sounds can now be loaded indifferently from either inside the pack, or a pack-specific external folder, more or less like musics.
Some supported sound effects for now are a “shiny” chime, to be played when encountering a shiny opponent in battle, and a “legendary” chime to be played when a legendary appears in a route.
The main improvement though is about monsters’ cries.
They’ll be played in battle (just the opponent), and you can also hear them in dex and status screens by tapping the monster image.
But they’ll also be used for atmosphere. While you’re exploring, you’ll hear cries of near and far away monsters, most from the route family, but maybe even the families nearby, or even the local legendary. You can even hear swarming mons when you activate a bait. I think exploring while listening music and random nearby mons’ cries is really a great experience.
But what if I only like some of all these sounds?

– Better sound selector –
From the preferences, you can now activate/deactivate separately musics, radar beeps, cries from routes, cries in battle, and effects.
If you previously set it as “Music only” in an old version, to deactivate radar sounds and just hear music, you’ll automatically find the radar sounds turned off in this new version.
All the rest is turned on by default, so you may want to adjust it to your needs.

– Box photos –
You can now snap a picture of all the monsters contained in one of your boxes, all together in the same place. Let them come out to get some fresh air!
Just select the new option from a box’s option list, and take a shot of all your monsters together.

– Minor fixes and adjustments –


Now, most of these improvements, to be experienced, require a pack to support them.
And that’s what we’re about to have.

“poke7”, “poke7bt”, and any “pokegenX” packs distribution will be discontinued, and they will all be replaced by the new pack “poke7c”, which stands for COMPLETE.
Create a backup of your save data, and import it when you start using “poke7c”. The pack will be published very soon.

“poke7c” pack will be multi-gen, with all the 7 gens selectable, and multi-style, with both battle sprites and box sprites.
It will include shiny and legendary sound effects, and will be distributed with a separate downloadable pack containing all the cries.

And, for your information:
– Existent save datas and backups from “poke7” and “poke7bt” packs are automatically set with all 7 gens.
– Backups from “pokegenX” packs (like pokegen1, pokegen2, …, pokegen7), when imported to a multi-gen pack, will have their original single gen automatically set.
– Version 0.9.1 of the “poke7bt” pack and version 1.7.1 of the “poke7” pack, published a couple months ago, were already multi-gen compatible, but they contain some mistakes, so I recommend using “poke7c” instead anyway.
– If you want to use them, cries or other external sound effects must be placed in a pack-specific folder on your device memory. The game will create the new folder ‘GPS Monster Scouter\sounds’, and all the sounds for a pack should be inside a ‘GPS Monster Scouter\sounds\(pack name)’ folder. So, for the “poke7c” pack, it will be ‘GPS Monster Scouter\sounds\poke7c_data’. The downloadable cries packet will provide you a folder named ‘poke7c_data’ with all the files, so you just have to paste it inside the ‘sounds’ folder. That’s it.
– For pack authors, producing a pack with these new features will require a new version of creation tools. It will be distributed some time later. Ask me if you need it asap.

Hope you enjoy!